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The ADC Lobby is Now Open!

We are excited to announce that the All Dogs Club lobby of our building is back open! After careful consideration and planning, we are thrilled to welcome you and your furry friend into our lobby once again.

We understand that visiting our lobby is an important part of your pet's experience at ADC. It's where you check-in, where you can chat with our team, where you can observe the goings-on of the daycare area and most importantly...where the treats are! That's why we have implemented safety measures and protocols to ensure the well-being of all our guests and staff.

We kindly ask that you abide by our updated lobby policies:

  • Please limit the number of guests in the lobby to two at a time. One guest may be in the main lobby area while the other stays behind the cradle fence. When the first main lobby dog is taken back to the playroom, the owner should proceed to the exit and allow the next dog to come in.

  • Please leash your dogs or place your cats in a carrier during pick-up and drop off. No exceptions.

  • Please maintain a safe distance and stay alert.

  • Please be patient. Entering the lobby post COVID rules is new to all of us...even your dog! This new procedure will take some getting used to. We appreciate your patience while we learn this new skill!

  • Be courteous. With just two families in the space at a time, there will likely be slight backups in intake. Please be kind and respectful to our hard working staff...they're working hard to keep you and your pup safe.

We have gained a lot of new friends in the last few years, some of whom haven't joined us in our lobby yet. Our staff will guide your experience when you arrive and please, don't hesitate to ask questions.

**Important tip: pups are more reactive and often times more territorial when they're with their parents. By keeping your pup on a leash and allowing the guest before you to exit before you come through the fence, you are helping to keep everyone (two legs and four!) safe.**

For our guests who would prefer to stick with the parking lot call drop-off and pick-up method, we're still offering that same service. Otherwise, please proceed into the lobby and wait behind the latched fence until the lobby is clear.

We hope you enjoy our updated decor and space improvements! Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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