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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our facility, services or process? Learn more about All Dogs Club through these FAQs.

Facility and Location

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our facility is conveniently located in College Park, MD— just 5 minutes from the University of Maryland, College Park campus. We occupy a large indoor/outdoor space in the office park adjacent to the Berwyn residential neighborhood. First time visiting us? Give our staff a call if you need directions!


Q: How large is your facility?


A: We operate one of the largest spaces in the area with 21,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor play space. Our facility is climate-controlled to maintain an enjoyable temperature and features compressed rubberized flooring to keep your dog safe and comfortable while they play. 


Q: Do you have grassed outdoor areas for my dog to play?


A: Yes, in addition to other surfaces for your dog to enjoy: green canine grass, pea gravel and rubber mats are situated around the play yard.

Q: What is your employee to dog ratio?


A: Our average human to dog ratio is about 10:1— more dogs mean more staff!

Q: How is your playroom set up and managed?


A: We are an ‘open roam’ playroom facility. This means that your dog is out socializing and playing with friends rather than laying in a kennel all day. This also means that your dog (and all others!) must meet our standards for inclusion, must complete the required evaluation to participate and you (mom and dad!) have to agree to our release policies. We have three separate indoor heated and cooled playrooms that are managed based on your dog’s size. Each playroom is always staffed with at least one attendant. We do not allow loose, unmonitored toys, treats or food in the playrooms. Fresh water is served throughout the day. 

Q: Do you follow a playroom schedule?

A: Absolutely! We maintain a structured schedule to support your pup's development and to keep things on track. We begin each day with mealtime for our furry friends--- a stress-free feeding process that allows your dog to eat his food in a safe, quiet place. Playtime kicks off after breakfast and includes running around with friends, supervised play and cuddles with staff! At 1pm the lights are dimmed, our dog counselors lay out blankets and the pack takes a well-deserved nap. We even play calming classical music while we feed lunch and clean up the playroom before the afternoon session. After naptime, we're back to running around with friends! By the time mom and dad pick up, our pups are exhausted and ready for a quiet evening at home.

Q: Do you offer public webcam feeds of my dog?

A: We do not have public webcams at this time, however we have a live feed of our playroom, suites and outside play area available in our facility lobby. 

Q: Do you offer facility tours? 

A: While we do not offer facility tours, we are happy to share pictures of our facility and your pup throughout the day. These practices are in place to maintain a safe and consistent workplace for our staff and a safe, controlled setting for our furry friends.

Q: Why don't you offer facility tours?

A: Great question! Our dogs are not crated or kenneled in our facility. Therefore we must work to maintain a balanced and controlled environment in our playrooms and facility. Our pups grow to thrive on consistency, familiarity and pack comfort. When that environment is disrupted by new sounds, smells, voices and visitors, it's really hard for us to maintain a safe space for your pup and our staff. We don't even allow facility improvement work to happen during daytime hours or in rooms where there are dogs present. Take a peek inside here or behind the scenes on our Instagram account! 

Q: How do I know if daycare right for my dog?

A: Another great question, we have a blog post about this topic here! Daycare is a great option for many dogs, but certainly not all dogs. We find that the pups who do best with us are used to being around people and other dogs, active and social. Our one hour evaluation is a great way for us to see how your pup interacts with others.

Dog Care and Compliance


Q: What veterinarian do you use?


A: We keep on file and use our customer veterinarians. If we need to contact someone about the care of your dog, we will contact you FIRST and contact your vet if needed. 

Q: How can I get my vet records to you?


A: Please come prepared with your vet records or we can order them from your vet. We suggest sharing our contact information with your vet during your next visit so that they have it!


Q: Do you offer private suites or areas for my pet?


A: Yes. We offer comfortable, clean individual suites for your pet. These suites are available by request and are recommended for senior dogs, dogs with medical needs and dogs who require downtime away from the pack. 

Q: My dog had special needs, are you able to accomodate?


A: Yes. We know that (like humans!) every dog is different. We have an experienced team that is dedicated to providing the best care possible for your dog. Whether that means administering medication or taking a special route during their walks, we’ve got your dog’s care covered.


Q: Can we bring our own ‘creature comforts’ for our dog?


A: Yes, however we encourage you to leave Fido’s favorite toy or blanket at home. We have plenty of comfortable bedding, treats and toys here for our daycare and overnight dogs. We are not responsible for any items damaged or lost at our facility.


Q: Are your employees qualified to care for my dog?


A: Yes. In addition to being dog owners themselves, our staff is also subject to rigorous training programs as well as continued education from experienced team leads and managers. Our team is not only required to love your pet, they are also required to uphold the industry’s highest safety and quality standards. Our eight-week training program is required of anyone working in our facility.

Q: What is included in your evaluation process?


A: Our evaluation is a quick visit to the playroom where your pup will be introduced to the pack. During the evaluation, we are watching your pup (and others!) for reactive, nervous, aggressive, territorial or unusual behaviors. We need to make sure that they feel comfortable and safe with the group. We also need to make sure that they interact with our staff in a healthy way. Please call our facility for details. The ADC Evaluation is required of every dog attending daycare or overnight in our facility. No exceptions.

Q: What do I need to bring to ADC for daycare or boarding?

A: We ask that all dogs come to All Dogs Club prepared with some sort of name tag identification. Whether that's a nametag on their collar or harness-- it's helpful for us to be able to identify them quickly and also important for their safety and well-being. Don't have a nametag? We offer them on-site for a $2 fee. Other items to bring for your pup when they stay with us: food (wet food, dry food, add-ons, specialty treats) and medications (daily, preventative). 


Q: What is required of me and my dog to attend daycare or overnight boarding?


A: All dogs must be at least ten (10) weeks of age, have three (3) DHLPP vaccines and Bordetella vaccine. All dogs over the age of six (6) months must be spayed or neutered. All dogs over the age of four (4) months must have a current rabies vaccine. No exceptions. If your dog is overdue on shot records, we reserve the right to deny services until shot records can be verified or separate your dog in one of our full-sized suites. This policy is in place to keep our customers safe, healthy and happy. If you have any questions regarding our policy, please feel free to contact us directly. We appreciate your cooperation! 

All ADC dogs are required to come to All Dogs Club prepared with some sort of name tag identification. Don't have a name tag? We offer them on-site for a $2 fee.

All dogs participating in daycare or overnight services are required to complete our on-site evaluation ($25). 

In order to utilize our daycare and boarding services, all pet owners are required to agree to and sign our ADC waiver and release.

Reservations, Offerings, Policies

Q: Do you offer discounted rates for extended overnight stays?


A: We offer a standard overnight stay which is $64 and includes a day of daycare, with no required pick up time. Just arrive before we close for the day at 7pm! Holiday rates may apply.


Q: Do you offer discounts on packages or specials? 


A: Yes! We run promotions throughout the year. Please sign up for our mailing list to stay 'in the know!'


Q: How do I make a reservation?


A: You can make a reservation by emailing us at,  by calling us at (301) 345-3647 or you can book your reservation online through our booking portal. 

Q: Can I pick up late? Modify siesta times? 

A: Unfortunately no. We strictly adhere to our policies, business hours and guidelines for the safety and well-being of your dog and our staff members. We strictly adhere to our siesta time block of 10am-3pm. Any siesta customers who arrive before or after this time will be charged daycare rates and have access to daycare hours (7am to 7pm M-F, 9am-7pm S-S).

Q: When are your holiday rates active?


Our 2024 holiday rates are in effect during the following dates:

January 12-15 (MLK)

March 28- April 1st (Easter)

May 23-27 (Memorial Day)

June 30- July 4 (Independence Day)

August 30 - September 3 (Labor Day)

October 11-15 (Indigenous People's Day/Columbus)

November 27- December 1 (Thanksgiving)

December 20-Jan 2nd (Christmas & New Years)


Q: Why are your holiday rates more expensive?


A: Holidays and long weekends are popular times to utilize daycare, boarding and grooming services. In order to best serve you and your dog, we operate with a larger staff during these times. The larger staff works to maintain pack consistency and safety and allows more attention and care for your dog. 

Q: What is your booking and cancellation policy?

A: All boarding reservations, package purchases and other service reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE. All boarding reservations must be booked at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a 'same day' reservation fee. All bookings and services must be paid IN FULL at the time of the booking. Cancellations made more than 48 hours in advance of scheduled arrival will be credited as a "CLUB CREDIT" to be used at ADC at any time for any services or retail. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before scheduled arrival will receive no credit. ADC does not perform cash refunds or credit card refunds. Club credit is not transferable. One package per dog, packages are not transferable. All 10 day packages expire four (4) months after purchase, 20-30 day packages expire six (6) months after purchase, VIP Packages expire eight (8) months after purchase.

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