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It's time to play! Here at All Dogs Club, we're dedicated to providing a safe, fun environment for dogs of all ages, sizes and personalities. Our unique, 21,000 square-foot, indoor/outdoor playroom facilities give your pooch the space they need to stretch their legs and hang out with friends. We offer both full day daycare and 'siestas' (10am-3pm) for dogs who just need a few hours of playtime.

Daily Relaxing 
'Quiet Time'

Each day at 1pm, we tune into the local classical music station, dim the lights and encourage rest. The dogs love it!

Fun With
Furry Friends

Your dog loves playing with the pack! Our supervised playrooms offer room to run around with friends.


Your dog is special. We offer medication administration, specialized senior dog management and more.

Outdoor Walks
Low Stress

Who doesn't love a good walk?! We take your dog for walks through the local, residential neighborhood.

Size matters! Our packs are divided into groups based on size. Our suites are designed for pups large and small!

We offer a mealtime plan that allows your dog a quiet place to relax and eat. Special treats and extra meal prep available!

Daycare Pricing

Daycare Packages

Evaluation = $25.00 per dog  (1 hr) - required

1 Day = $40 per day

10 Day = $380 ($38 per day)

20 Day = $740 ($37 per day)

30 Day = $1080 ($36 per day)

Siesta Packages


1 session = $27
10 sessions = $260
25 sessions = $625

VIP (Very Important Pup) Package

50 days ($34/day), 2 regular baths ($76.00 value)


(That's a savings of $376!)

One package per dog. All 10 day packages expire four (4) months after purchase, 20-30 day packages expire six (6) months after purchase, VIP Packages expire eight (8) months after purchase. We offer a 10% multiple dog daycare package discount to multi-dog (two or more) households.

Bundle and Save!

Learn more about our requirements, policies and procedures

Your dog's health and safety are paramount, that's why we have a strict evaluation procedure and 'doggy standards' for both pets and owners. We appreciate your cooperation with our rules and regulations. Let's play!

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Ready to Join the Fun?

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