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Who doesn't love a day at the spa? We offer all the products and services needed to make sure you dog looks his or her best! 

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Gentle Ear
Nail Trims

Scrub-a-dub! We offer a tailored bath experience using top of the line products to clean, brighten, protect and de-skunk your pup.

Keep your dog's ears clean and infection-free with our standard or deep ear clean treatments and massage.

We use professional-grade filing tools to safely trim and round file your dog's nails. We work hard to keep this experience pain free! 

Grooming Pricing

Basic Bath

Our Basic Bath consists of a two–cycle wash and rinse bath with spa shampoo and conditioner (standard, brightening, deep color) and includes a standard ear clean. Once your pup is squeaky clean, we set up a comfortable blow fluff dry, and finish with a brush out.


Joining us for daycare or staying overnight? Receive an 'exit' Basic Bath for just $30.

Specialty Add-Ons

Flea Treatment $5
Oatmeal Treatment $5
Hypoallergenic Treatment $5
De-skunk Treatment $5

Classic Nail Trim $22

Deep Ear Clean and Massage $15

Brush Out $15

Spa Treatments

Ultimate Spa

Includes cucumber and white tea bath, blueberry facial scrub, classic nail trim, moisturizing paw and pad treatment, refreshing aromatherapy treatment and nourishing vitamin-infused conditioner.


Renew Spa

Includes ginger and white plum bath, blueberry facial scrub, renewing aromatherapy treatment and nourishing vitamin-infused conditioner.


Comfort Spa

Includes Comfort Bath, Comfort Aromatherapy Treatment and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner.




Ready to Join the Fun?

Learn more about our requirements, policies and procedures

Your dog's health and safety are paramount, that's why we have a strict evaluation procedure and 'doggy standards' for both pets and owners. We appreciate your cooperation with our rules and regulations. Let's play!

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