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5 Dog-Friendly Fall Activities

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

With cooler weather and changing of the seasons comes a whole bunch of activities that you can do with your dog to take advantage of the outdoors! Enjoy these five pooch-friendly autumn activities!

Go Pumpkin Picking

Let your pup help you sniff out the perfect pumpkin for Halloween! Together, you can craft the perfect doggie jack-o-lantern. Even though there are numerous places that allow you to bring your pooch, make sure to check with your local pumpkin patch before you show up with your furry friend.

Take a Hike

The cooler temperatures and changing of the leaves provide a perfect opportunity for you and your dog to take a nature hike on nearby trails. Did you know that dogs aren’t completely colorblind? They instead have a limited range of colors that they can see. Let your pup enjoy the leaves and new fall smells while also getting exercise! Don't forget to do extensive tick checks and to stay up to date on your dog's flea and tick preventative!

Visit an Apple Orchard

Did you know that apple slices can help clean your pup’s teeth and freshen their breath? Make sure to remove the core and seed, and you can enjoy a local fall treat with your furry friend. However, similar to pumpkin patches, it is wise to call the orchards beforehand to make sure that your dog is able to join in on the fun.

Go Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is a fun time for everyone, even your pooch! Accessorize your pup with comfortable, dog-friendly costumes and go door-to-door with the kids. Bonus points if you have dog treats at your door in addition to candy for the furry trick-or-treaters!

Have a Tailgate Party

Football season is back, which means a chance for you to spend time with your well-behaved pup outside in an exciting setting. If your dog is lucky, they may even sneak a couple grilled snacks from your plate. For increased activity, bring your dog’s favorite ball so they can celebrate and get a work-out!

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