Pricing Increases Effective 12/1/21

Updated: Nov 6

To Our Wonderful ADC Family,

The last 18 months have handed us so many new challenges, lessons and blessings. Through the height of COVID and in the subsequent months, we have put our people first, continued unparalleled care of your animals and put your safety above everything else. Our team of people rose to the challenge of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace that your pups love to visit-- all while supporting their families, and managing the personal stressors that would normally be unbearable. It's been a tough 18 months, but we feel blessed to be in business and healthy-- especially knowing that many other facilities like ours have had to close their doors and let their teams go.

In order to keep up with rising material costs and rising costs of living, we are instituting a price increase on December 1st, 2021. The prices will be effective at 12am on 12/1/21 and are subject to change.

Updated pricing will be released on 10/20/21.


ADC Management

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