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Five Ways Your Dog Can Benefit From Doggy Daycare

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Would you rather have your pup sit at home all day or be surrounded by nonstop play and attention?

All Dog’s Club provides your friend with this and more so that you don’t have to worry about them during the day. Whether you are dropping your pooch off every day, or just once or twice a week/ month, there is a place for every dog. Here are five ways that your dog can benefit from being in doggy daycare.

1. Socialization

In order to learn how to act properly, dogs need to be around other dogs. By doing so, they learn how to act appropriately, how to introduce themselves to new individuals, as well as how to play nicely with other dogs. The earlier the socialization training starts for dogs, the more confident they will be when they are faced with interacting with new dogs.

2. Outlet for Energy and Exercise

We all know that exercise and play is essential for keeping your dog happy and healthy, but you may not have the time or energy to do so after coming home from work. That’s where doggy daycare comes into play. Running around and playing with the other dogs is a perfect way for your pup to let go of their excess energy. A tired dog at the end of the day is a happy dog!

3. Break from Loneliness

Has your dog been destructive around the home and chewing on things they shouldn’t when you are at work? This may be them trying to tell you that they are lonely since they can’t actually tell you in words. In doggy daycare, your dog will benefit from the company of other dogs. This means they will get the attention they need instead of staying home by themselves.

4. Relieves Separation Anxiety

Since dogs are naturally pack animals and prefer to be in the company of others, doggy daycare allows for your dog to socialize and receive attention all day long. This may be the perfect solution for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. Curious if your pup has separation anxiety? The common signs include trembling, whining, sweaty foot-pads, chewing/ digging at potential exits to the house, loss of appetite and continuous barking or whining.

5. Change of Scenery

Picture doggy daycare as a mini vacation for your dog. Even if they are content with staying home all day, it’s good to change up the routine every once in a while. Give your pup a break from taking naps and playing in the yard. Let them make new doggy friends and break their boredom!

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